“Terrorist” Mohammad, “Democrat” West – Thoughts on the Cartoon Crisis and the Protest Actions of the Muslim Masses (February 2006)

The Real Meaning of the Murder of Jean Charles de Menezes (29 July 2005)

Reactionary Terror Continues in Lebanon (26 June 2005)

The Significance of the Assassination of Rafiq Hariri in the Light of the Strategic and Tactical Objectives of Israel (11-15 March 2005)

Normandy 2004: Imperialist Demagoguery and Revolutionary Truth (27-30 June 2004)

An Assessment of The Madrid Bombings (24-25 March 2004)

Thank you once again Mr. Bush! Coming Debacle of US Imperialism in Iraq and the Middle East (13-16 March 2004)

War of Headscarves – A Clash of Civilizations? (13-16 January 2004)

An Assessment of the Istanbul Bombings (25-29 November 2003)

Historical Paralels: Observations on the Present Political Situation (20-22 April 2003)

Is US Imperialism Invincible? (26-28 March 2003)

AS THE CLOUDS GATHER Turkey and Kurdistan on the Eve of the US-led War on Iraq (23-28 February 2003)

An Assessment of the National Movement in Kosova (December 2001)

“FREEDOM TO KILL, OF A TERRORIST STATE” – “A Summary of the Ordeal of Political Captives in Turkish Prisons” (October 2000)

On the Nato Agression Against Yugoslavia (29 March 1999)


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